RVSitebuilder 7

Q: How do i create a website?
A:Logon to cPanel, then select RVsitebuilder 7 icon> Click create new site

Q: Why do I get an error when installing RVSite on LITE package?

A: RVSite 7.x requires a MINIMUM of 50Mb, LITE has a limit of 50 Mb therefore not appropriate please upgrade to atleast Bronze

Q: Why do I get an error cannot load PHP extention?
A: Refer to KB PHP Selector on how to install PHP Extentions

Q: There is no publish button, how do i publish my site?

A: Unlike RVsite 6 there is No longer PUBLISH BUTTON. It's a new save system in a single Save button that brings your website online in a blink!

Q: I get "Additionally, a 404 Not Found error" when trying to repair my site
A: Confrim that you are not suing another CMS like WordPress to manage your site

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